East Meets Breast

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Ria Sakuragi doesn’t speak English but the banana she’s crushing between her big tits doesn’t care.

Ria is very slim so to have boobs this naturally big is very unusual. Her areolae are oval shaped and very dark brown with dark brown nipples. Her tits are very pliable. Ria can bring the nipples up to her mouth and lick them. From the sounds she makes while she plays with them, they must be extra-sensitive to the touch.

Ria was photographed in Japan so we’ve never had the pleasure of actually meeting her. We’ve been told by our correspondents that she’s a fun-loving, girl-next-door type with an oral fixation. Ria seems like the type who’d put out on the first date. While there is no evidence to support this hypothesis, it would be interesting to test it.

Date: janvier 6, 2022