Not So Innocent

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She may seem innocent and shy, but Ava knows how to get you off. She gets herself worked up sucking on a lollipop, grinding her pussy and slowly taking off her clothes, making you just as horny as she is. Eventually, she gets what she really wants–a fat cock. There’s no denying her craving as the camera zooms in close for a hot shot of Ava getting her tiny mouth stuffed full of man meat.

Ava climbs on top for a ride that makes her perky tits jiggle. Her butthole looks so tight and cute as it stares back at you while she’s in reverse cowgirl. The harder Ava gets fucked, the more she lets loose, asking for more cock in her tight pussy and a hot load of cum on her tongue. Yeah, Ava knows what she’s doing.

Date: janvier 6, 2022